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Oil manufacturer in Ukraine With  sterelity and Quality SUNFLOWER OIL  Energy of Sun. Our products Is Better for the Planet
Oil manufacturer in Ukraine
With sterelity and Quality
The sunflower oil manufacturer in Ukraine – TOV-VAP – is one of the well-known sunflower oil suppliers in Ukraine and abroad. The history of TOV-VAP company dates back to 2003. It was established in the Kramatorsk region, Ukraine.
Energy of Sun.
Sunflower oil is made of «sunflower» seeds. Quality of the future oil significantly depends on the quality of seeds, level of oil content, humidity and maturation period.
Our products Is Better for the Planet
We have made our choice and we work to make people more organic in today's world when they eat Eco food. Join us now!

Our company provides services in the production of goods under customer’s private label for both the largest trading networks in Ukraine and individual clients who want to have the products under their own brands.

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1,8 L /2 L/ 3 L/ 4,5 L/ 5 L /10 L 

We produce oil at its two plants.
The technological process is highly automated, which guarantees our clients a perfect quality and high performance. Additionally, we use state-of-the-art equipments at our facilities , which ensures the highest quality and the best performance. On the
factory the harmful impact to the environment is minimized, and we also control
the energy consumption.

To enter the world market, we have developed and implemented
the systems of food and fodder quality and safety management,
which allowed to obtain all the necessary certificates,

At each shipment our representative monitors the quality and quantity of the goods, and compliance with the packing requirements

Wholesale supply and export of sunflower oil.

The TOV-VOSTOK AGRO PARTS company carries out wholesale supplies of sunflower oil throughout Ukraine and exports to various part of the world. We are manufacturers, which enables us to offer products at the best price / quality ratio. The goals of our company are mutually beneficial for long-term cooperation. Large export of sunflower oil is as a consequence of the strategic and friendly relations between the countries based on the sustainability of the economic situation. It is possible to buy wholesale sunflower oil in different volumes from 10 tons. We also deliver to all regions of Ukraine and worldwide


Your private label distinguishes you from other similar products. As for vegetable oils, the label can speak of the invisible: vegan, kosher, organic etc. You have the absolute right to the recommended retail price (RRP).

Huge market

The food market is a very competitive and very profitable business. Potentially, we have 7 billion customers worldwide. it makes sense to start working with cooking oil under your own brand.

Container shipments

We ship the goods to be delivered by sea only in containers. This ensures high safety and flexibility of the delivery. We are ready to share our wide experience in the container logistics.


Sunflower oil is made of «sunflower» seeds. Quality of the future oil significantly depends on the quality of seeds, level of oil content, humidity and maturation period. Unrefined sunflower oil is purified mechanically (settled and filtrated) in most cases.


Valuable properties of rapeseed oil is compositionally very similar to olive oil. Unrefined rapeseed oil is rich in natural composition. The product is rich in nutrients, vitamins, minerals, polyunsaturated fatty acids, which are especially valuable for an organism.


Crude soybean oil is rich in vitamins, microelements, and other nutrients. It is used as raw material for the production of different food products, in particular, margarine and mayonnaise. This oil has special value in the production of fodder. Besides using the soybean oil


The product is used for feeding domestic animals because it is rich on proteins and amino acids. Also, it is used as fuel. The company sells goods in bulk and packed in big bags, in crushed, unmilled and granular form


Rapeseed meal is a high-protein product obtained by processing rapeseeds. Mostly, it is exported to the European countries, however, due to the increase in volumes of rapeseed cultivation, oil and meal our plant is spread on the Ukrainian domestic market.


Sunflower husk is a by-product in the sunflower processing. Today there are many options of sunflower husk usage, one of which is its processing into granulated fuel, which is easy to store, transport.