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What we do

General information about the Company

  • Sunflower seed processing is 800.0 tons per day.
  • Rapeseed processing is 600.0 tons per day.
  • One-time storage of raw material is 40,000 tons. Seeds are stored in a specialized elevator using modern storage and preparation technologies. To dry raw materials, an environmentally friendly agent is used – air heated by water steam.
  • One-time storage of finished products in specialized warehouses:
    – unrefined vegetable oils (sunflower and rapeseed) – up to 5,000 tons.
    – toasted high-protein granulated meal (sunflower and rapeseed) – 1,800 tons.
  • Production of technological water steam is 24 tons per hour. The fuel for the production of steam is an environmentally friendly energy resource – sunflower seed husks.
  • Refining and deodorization of vegetable oils is 240.0 tons per day.
  • Packing of refined deodorized oils in consumer containers with a volume of 0.85l to 25l is 200.0 tons per day.
  • The total number of employees is 400 people.
  • In the structure of the enterprise there is a control and measuring laboratory, which carries out incoming control of quality and safety of raw materials, controls processes at all stages of production and shipment of finished products.